Bee Moor Big Weekend 2019

We are excited to have you join us for our Bee Moor WI Big Weekend trip away!

8-10 November in Beverley, Yorkshire. Two nights in a youth hostel with all of your favourite Bee Moor friends. We expect the cost to be £100-£110 each for about 23 people. If the number of people coming on the trip increases, the cost per person will reduce accordingly. We have space for up to 30 people.

The cost of the trip will cover all food & activities for the weekend. Activities include:

  • Walking trip
  • Crafting sessions
  • Baking
  • Tour of Beverley
  • Film night
  • Fizz & Quiz

Secure your place

A non returnable deposit of £60 to secure your place to the Bee Moor bank account. Once we have enough deposits to secure the venue we can the give an accurate figure for the total per person. Deadline for payment of the deposit is 22nd August 2019.

Please complete the Residential Visit Emergency Information form, to advise us of any medical issues or dietary requirements. Send it back to

Sharing rooms

Everyone will share a room with 4 – 8 people. Please let us know who you would like to share a room with, and we will endeavour to place you in a room together.

Travel plans

Car sharing will be organised between members. We will be asking those driving to agree with those they are transporting for a contribution towards their petrol costs.

Approximate travel time is 2 hours. We anticipate members will arrive on the evening of the 8th Nov and depart by midday on 10th Nov.