Bee Moor Patchwork Banner

Last Spring a group of Bee Moor crafters came together to work on a new banner to represent our fabulous WI. Designed by one of our members, Lauren, each appliqued and embroidered hexagon represents one of our sub-groups, or a key part of being a member of Bee Moor WI.

At our first meeting of the banner group we began by cutting out hexagon templates onto card. Then we each took a template home to cut out hexagons made of old magazine paper and some of us cut out the green, purple and yellow fabric hexagons too.

Next time we came together we shared out the fabric hexagons and took them home to press a hem on each edge, with a paper hexagon in the center to help keep the shape, tacking if required. We also shared out the white fabric to begin the applique and embroidery.

We each embroidered or appliqued at least one hexagon at home before we met again. This meant we were able to have a variety of techniques and styles within the banner.

Once we had all finished our embroidery or applique we came together again to arrange the hexagons. We all took a few hexagons away to hand sew together to meet the design, and swapped sections again until we had the full patchwork ready.

We were ready to hand applique the patchwork to the main fabric which we did at a group get together. We then appliqued the top lettering and used cord to create the script lettering at the bottom of the banner.

To finish off the banner, we attached the backing and wadding by machine, making sure to include some loops at the top for it to be hung from a frame when carried. Finally it was bagged out and top stitched by machine. As a last step, to help add some structure, we came together one last time to add some hand quilting stitches in the ditches of the patchwork.

We’ll be launching our banner to the public for the first time at the Manchester Day parade on June 23rd. Look out for the Bee Moor WI ladies proudly marching under the banner.

Which is your favourite hexagon? Leave us a comment below.

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