15 top running tips: from beginners to marathons with David Wyeth

At this week’s monthly meeting our speaker was marathon runner David Wyeth. David lives locally in Sale and has been running since 2015 including Manchester, London and Boston marathons.

David has found he loves the beauty and peace of early morning runs to wake up the senses. He believes that running strengthens the mind and aids positive mental health. Running also provides an amazing feel good factor, especially after a tough run.

Running has given David an incredibly supportive and friendly community to be a part of. It gives physical accomplishment; even though there are plenty of bad days, it feels so good when the hard work pays off. David believes running is our gift as human beings, we have evolved as a species to run.

During his talk David shared his story of the 2017 London marathon where he collapsed just short of the finish line, and the media attention that he received when a fellow runner helped him.

If you are interested in starting to run for fitness, or improve your running towards longer distances, here are David’s top tips:

Intro to running for beginners

  1. Invest in a good pair of trainers: Go to a shop that has a treadmill and can fit your shoes based on how you run. David recommends Run north West in Hyde, Cheshire.
  2. Run to time, not distance: Don’t worry about how far you are running in each session, just build up the amount of time you run for every week.
  3. Be consistent: the best way to get fitter and build up your stamina is to dedicate yourself to regular runs every week.
  4. Be patient: build it up gradually by starting slow and increasing over time.
  5. Some days are just tough: you will be stronger for pushing through those days.
  6. Stretch afterwards: and not just afterwards – if you feel too tense, stop and stretch whenever you need to.
  7. Convince a friend to run with you: This helps with motivation, just don’t run with someone who is a lot more, or a lot less competitive than you.
  8. Couch to 5k: this is the perfect intro to running, it’s free and very accessible no matter your experience.

Training tips for experienced runners

  1. Mix it up: don’t run at the same pace every time you run.
  2. Speed play: use lamp posts or other landmarks to add variety to your runs. For example, sprint to one lamppost, walk to the next.
  3. Pace progression: start slow and increase
  4. Keep it simple: Trainers are the only thing you need to buy, don’t bother with watches or heart rate monitors, you don’t need them.
  5. Stretch every time: allow yourself to recover and sleep!
  6. Stress + Rest = Growth: remember that when you are having a tough time.
  7. Strava app: use this to track your routes and connect with other runners too. Find David on Strava too.

In the local area these are David’s favourite running routes:

Get fit with Bee Moor WI’s sub groups

Over the summer the Bee Moor WI running club will be training towards the Salford 10k in September. The upcoming sessions will take you from 5k to 10k (so you need to have completed the couch to 5k or equivelent). For more information speak to Angela to join the running club.

If running a marathon is not quite your thing but you want to get a bit more active – our walking group is a perfect way of enjoying the great outdoors at a more leisurely pace. Contact Anthea to find out more.

Do you have a favourite walk in Sale or nearby? Comment below with your tips for walking, running or cycle routes.

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