Meet Sue Merryman, Bee Moor Membership Secretary

Why did you join the WI?
I joined the WI for the speakers as I’m interested in different topics, keen to listen to them and maybe be inspired? Also for the charitable help that the WI offer. It’s great to be able to contribute to local charities. Plus it’s an evening out to escape the constant tub thumping loud music from the kids bedrooms.

Which women would you invite to your dream dinner party?
Victoria Wood and Caroline Aherne – incredibly funny and talented writers.

JK Rowling- struggled to make ends meet but persevered. Such an amazing imagination, and inspirational author.

Rosa Parks- pioneer of civil rights. Famously refused to give up her bus seat for a white passenger. Very brave lady. I’d love to hear her account of that day over dinner.

I think a dinner party with these ladies would be hilariously funny with wildly imaginative stories/topics of conversation.  And I would simply just love to be in the same room as Rosa Parks and raise a glass to her.

What’s your favourite book?
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

What’s your favourite cake?
Any! However if I had to choose it would be an Elephants Foot ( choux pastry filled with oodles of fresh cream and topped with caramel) and looks like … yep you’ve guessed … an elephants foot!

Tell us a secret
Mmmmm… a secret about me? If I tell you then it won’t be a secret will it? However I can disclose my guilty pleasure. I’m a massive fan of Engelbert Humperdinck. You’re probably too young to know who he is. I just adore him. Seen him in concert endless times. Love to have his songs belting out at full volume in the kitchen… it sure gets the kids out of bed and out of the house! My mum was a massive fan and used to drag us to concerts because my dad refused to. Dad was insanely jealous of our love for the suave debonair Engelbert and whenever we hung a poster of him on the wall it would be removed immediately…and transferred to the toilet wall where we could admire him whilst having a tinkle.

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