Meet Catherine Rees, Bee Moor Speakers

Why did you join the WI?

Because women rock! Get a group of ladies together and you’ll cry with laughter. I also jumped at the chance to meet more likeminded women and make a difference to both our community and wider afield.

Which women would you invite to your dream dinner party?

Caitlin Moran because she says outloud what is often going through my head – she’s my wittier and louder twin.

Margaret Attwood because she’s one of my favourite authors and has the wildest imagination about what our future world could be like. She’ll definitely have loads to say.

Sharon Hogan, actress and writer because everything she’s done is genious.

Beyonce so that after dinner she can teach us all how to dance.

What’s your favourite book?

House of Spirits by Isabelle Allende – I love family histories.

What’s your favourite cake?

Christmas cake

Tell us a secret:

My guilty pleasure is I’m a sucker for a medical drama.  Give me Holby City, 24 hours in A+E etc anytime. Nothing high-brow for me, just blood and guts.

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