Old Baggage Book Review

This month in the book club we read Old Baggage by Lissa Evans. It’s a funny and bittersweet portrait of a woman who has never given up the fight for equality and the young women who are just discovering it. Here’s what Carin though of it:

I read an extract for Old Baggage online and wasn’t enthused by the prospect of reading it, but hitched up my big girl pants and waded in. Glad that I did. Mattie, infuriatingly blinkered at times but always well-meaning, proved to be a far more engaging and sympathetic character than she seemed at first blush.

The extremes between her insistent gung-ho pragmatism and rose-tinted naivety (about her brother and niece) were very revealing. Great character development across her entourage as well. The historical background was well-handled; it was detailed but not overdone and I even looked at some contemporary newspapers to find out more. The prequel is on my holiday reading list.

Find Old Baggage by Lissa Evans in your local library or buy now.

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